ScreenCraft Works is an international community of cross-border mentoring, talks and networking, supporting under-represented production and post-production talent working in film & TV.

We bring together industry talent across all world regions, connect diasporic communities, and help displaced craftspeople integrate into their new local industry. We support craft talent to further their careers across borders, and productions to discover new global talent at all career stages. 

Our programmes are:

We support career development through international knowledge exchange, learning and sharing different perspectives.


Build your individual professional identity and influence for local and cross-border careers.


Networking designed for a range of needs, recognising differing levels of social ease and access.


We connect production & post-production people with international mentors, peers, employers and agents.


Promoting inclusive and greener teams, connecting the widest range of talent at all career stages for remote and international work.

Sharing good welfare practice from around the world for healthier productions.


ScreenCraft Works is a not-for-profit organisation.

The community welcomes production and post-production talent, employers and agents, supporting all under-represented groups.

Under-represented talent includes anyone who feels marginalised or that their voice isn’t heard and their perspective isn’t recognised.