The Role of the Advisory Group is to support the directors of ScreenCraft Works in achieving the best outcomes for its international community. 
This includes editorial support, ie creative ideas for existing or new programmes, feedback and comments on existing programmes, suggestions of people to contribute to our activity.
We ask you to hold us to account, challenge us and tell us where we get things wrong as well as when we get things right.
Advisory Group members will act as informal ambassadors for and promote the work of ScreenCraft Works.

The role of the Advisory Group is distinct from the role of the directors or any board, non-executive director or trustee role. Members will not be responsible or accountable for the day-to-day running or governance of ScreenCraft Works CIC.

The Advisory Group will comprise people with a range of film & TV knowledge, expertise and lived experience from around the world. 
This is a voluntary role.

The Advisory Group will meet virtually once a year as a whole group.
The directors will additionally seek input from advisors either individually or in smaller groups, as appropriate. 
Each advisor is appointed for a two-year term, with the ability to renew by mutual agreement. Any advisor may inform the directors in writing of their wish stand down within that two-year term.
The directors may ask an advisor to step down if there has been a breach of our Code of Conduct.

Advisory Group members and the ScreenCraft Works commit to keep confidential all matters discussed within the operations of the Advisory Group. 

ScreenCraft Works Values statement

ScreenCraft Works Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy
ScreenCraft Works Safeguarding policy

September 2023