ScreenCraft Works announces its Autumn 2022 cross-border mentee-mentor matches, supporting under-represented production and post talent. Displaced people seeking help with integration into the film & TV industry in their new country of refuge emerges as a key concern

ScreenCraft Works is pleased to announce the mentee-mentor participants for its second Cross-Border Mentoring programme, designed to bring together crafts people from different countries to enrich the local and international careers of under-represented production and post talent. 

For this
programme, fifteen mentees have been matched with fifteen volunteer mentors from another country, based on their aspirations for career and personal growth. With a focus on roles that can be conducted remotely or hybrid, the group includes the disciplines of editor, audio post, production management and podcast production.  Selected applicants include displaced people trying to integrate into the film and TV industry of their country of refuge, having fled conflict and persecution. Other mentees have moved internationally for family or career aspiration reasons and seek to establish themselves in their adopted country, needing support to navigate social codes and unconscious bias, including when using a second language. The mentoring group also includes those obliged to teach themselves their craft owing to entry and progression barriers, who are seeking support from those who have more formal career routes.


Over half the mentees identify as women. The group includes people with a disability, those from the LGBTQIA+ community and those with caring responsibilities. The mentees describe a broad range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, beliefs and aspirations for ‘greener’ working. They span all career stages and include career-changers, freelancers, people wishing to develop a craft business and those seeking cross-department collaboration. 


The mentees and mentors are from the following countries and/or nationalities: Chile, Denmark, England, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, USA and Uzbekistan


The programme includes peer-mentoring, which matches those who are at similar career stages but who seek different international knowledge and perspectives, including for co-productions and needing or wishing to integrate into a new country.

ScreenCraft Works co-directors Elizabeth McIntyre and Rebecca del Tufo say: 

“Displaced people and those actively seeking an international career in an adopted country can experience bias and barriers differently from local professionals. Through the mentoring programme, we support mentees in their navigation of social codes, cultural differences and linguistic barriers, celebrating the exchange of diverse insights and knowledge. We are grateful to our volunteer mentors, and our supporters DARE Pictures and Brunel University London.”


What our mentees say about their need for mentoring:

  •  I had to flee my country because of war. But I have zero connections in my new country and dream of re-starting my post-production career.
  • I am a refugee and experienced in post production. I am hoping that a mentor can help me understand how I enter the industry in my new adopted home.
  • When I married, moving to a new country as a freelancer was more difficult than I had expected. It is hard to establish new connections, work with bigger companies organisations and have a new long-term career path.
  • I am one of a few female editors in my country and had to teach myself my craft by YouTube. I am seeking structured mentoring guidance.
  • Working on international projects would be fantastic as it forces you to question your cultural identity and assumptions and there is so much opportunity to learn from others. 

Autumn Mentee-Mentor Matches


Mohamed Abdellaoui, film and TV editor (Morocco, now UK), mentee
Raul Sacristan, film editor (Spain, now England, UK), mentor

Teni Ayankoya, editor (England, UK), mentee

Shannon Fitzpatrick, editor (USA), mentor

Behan, editor (Pakistan), mentee

Nona Khodai, editor (USA), mentor

Degrassi, editor (Italy, now England, UK), mentee

Trace Taylor, editor (England, UK), mentor

Kadri-Zade, editor (Ukraine, now UK), mentee

Christopher CF Chow, film & TV editor (England, UK), mentor

Robinson, editor (USA), mentee

David Arthur, editor (Scotland, UK), mentor

Sabau, editor (Romania, now England, UK), mentee

James Bull, editor (England, UK), mentor


Katrine Amsler, sound designer and music composer (Denmark), peer-mentee

Payam Hosseinian, sound designer (Iran, now England, UK), peer-mentor

Arnold Antony, dialogue editor and sound editor (India, USA, now England, UK), peer-mentee

Lucy Mitchell, audio post production (England, UK), peer-mentor

Veronika Malakhova, electronic musician and aspiring sound designer (Ukraine, now England, UK), mentee

Peter Albrechtsen, sound designer (Denmark), mentor


Production, production management and development:

Daniel Gal, production manager (Israel, now UK), mentee

Jago Lee, Creative Director, TellTale Industries (England, UK), mentor 

Raquel Scott, producer and line producer (USA), mentee

Deborah London-Harrington, Head of Production (England, UK), mentor 

Lena Horn, Production Manager (Germany), mentee 

Jaime Sepúlveda, executive producer (Chile), mentor

LaCreshia Griffin-Pope, casting coordinator & aspiring development executive (USA), mentee 

Katie Sinclair, development executive (England, UK), mentor


Podcast production:


Jewel Fraser, podcast producer (Trinidad & Tobago), mentee  Rami Tzabar, Head of Audio, TellTale Industries (England, UK), mentor


Mentee & Mentor Biographies:


Mohamed Abdellaoui, film & TV editor (mentee)
Mohamed is from Casablanca, Morocco. After gaining the Moroccan baccalaureate ‘A level’, he had the opportunity to enrol in Studio M, a French film school located in Casablanca. Here, Mohamed first learned about film editing, film directing, lighting, and other cinematography subjects. After graduating, he trained at 2M TV in Morocco, where he edited a range of news and other TV programmes. Subsequently, Mohamed set up a film production company ‘iprod’, working with high-level clients such as Mbc1 and al Jazeera documentary.

Recently, Mohamed came to the UK and aims to establish himself in the UK as an editor of current affairs and factual documentaries, as well as offering broader production and post-production skills. Mohamed speaks Arabic, French and English.

Raul Sacristan BFE, film & TV editor (mentor)
Raul Sacristan is a film editor with experience across a wide range of projects, from TV current affairs and documentaries to TV commercials and branded content. Short-form or long-form, doesn’t really matter. Strong story-telling and visual narrative skills make him a very versatile editor. He has experience editing fast turnaround, delivering under pressure and is proud of not compromising the quality of his work. He is confident to take the initiative and move the edit forward independently and is comfortable contributing with ideas, providing options and references for the best audio & visual solutions to enhance the narrative. Credits include clients like Discovery Channel, Netflix, BBC Panorama, ITV Exposure, Unreported World, BBC Three, The Economist, Honda, Hasbro and Unilever.
Also, awarded an MSc in Media Psychology, when he is not immersed in the cutting room, he is actively collaborating with university research, looking into the intersection between neuroscience, psychology, and media. Raul is interested in topics such as computer-mediated communication and the psychological and neuroscientific components of editing. Speaking Spanish and English, Raul is originally from Madrid, Spain and has been based in the UK nearly 20 years. He is a member of BFE.



Teni Ayankoya, editor (mentee)

Originally from London, UK, Teni Ayankoya is a passionate editor and filmmaker. He is the director of Grafted Media, a production company that provides film education and learning, connecting talented individuals both in front of and behind the camera and across departments. Grafted Media’s initial project received more than a quarter of a million views on YouTube.

In the capacity of editing and shooting, Teni was part of the team that won the Documentary Award for the short film No Comprendo at the RTS Student Television Award in 2022. He was part of the team that won the Sara Putt Associates Award for Remembered, along with various other awards. He is also a Foundationer at Sara Putt Associates.

Teni Ayankoya has over five years of editing experience and he edits commercials, films and documentaries, with a passion for telling stories that communicate emotions with sincere intent.

Teni has worked on film projects such as Our Man from Jersey, in the role of organising locations, and various other award-winning films. He has also participated in a range of schemes to gain knowledge of the film and TV industry, such as the BFI Film Academy.

Teni’s journey began at the age of 11, initially creating educational camera tutorials and short films. He also mentors youth offenders, assisting them in getting their life on the correct path, using film as a potential method of unlocking their dreams.

Shannon Fitzpatrick, editor (mentor)
Shannon Fitzpatrick is an editor, assistant editor, and producer working in fiction and documentary films. She was an additional editor on A24’s forthcoming Past Lives, and is currently editing two short films: Goldilocks, a 16mm mixed-media narrative short about imagination, wilderness, and growing up in the pre-internet era; and Venus Melite, the story of a queer photographer visiting the island of Malta. She produced Cisco Kid, a feature-length vérité documentary about a young queer person who moves to a desert ghost town in southern Utah. Shannon completed a Master’s in Media Studies at The New School, where she studied cinematic representations of trauma and healing. She is based in Brooklyn, New York, USA.



Sourath Behan, film editor (mentee)
Sourath Behan is a film editor and colorist based in Karachi, Pakistan. She began her career as the co-editor of the critically acclaimed Pakistani film Moor (Mother) in 2015, and since then has been actively working in the industry as an editor and colorist on various television commercials, documentaries and films. As a filmmaker, Sourath firmly believes that a good narrative lies in the hands of a powerful editor. Some of her earliest works include two Public Service Announcements: Blindfolded (2014), that highlights child labour in Pakistan, and Unbeatable (2016) for UN Women Pakistan. She was also the associate editor on Pakistan’s first Netflix original, Sitara: Let Girls Dream, and a part of Pakistan’s first YouTube original series.
In 2016 Sourath attended the International Professional Certificate Program at the University of California, Los Angeles, as part of the HDI Emerging Filmmakers Workshop. Her short documentary, The Invisible Line, premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival, 2017. She was then hired as Head of Post-Production, Senior Editor and Colorist at SOC Films, where she further developed a love for documentary narratives.
Sourath continues to actively work in the Pakistan film and television industry as one of the few female editors and colorists. Fluent in English, Urdu and Sindhi, Sourath has an international outlook and, as a filmmaker and artist, she strongly believes in the power of visual storytelling and its ability to bring about positive change.

Nona Khodai, picture editor (mentor)
Nona Khodai is a picture Editor located in Los Angeles, CA. Her most recent credits include Marvel’s Wandavision, Ms. Marvel and the Amazon series The Boys. Her past editing credits include Revolution, Colony, The Strain, and Amazing Stories. She also received two Emmy nominations for her work on Wandavision. She is currently working on a new Apple TV+ series that will be coming out in 2023.  



Alice Degrassi, picture editor (mentee)
Originally from Udine, Italy, and now living in London, Alice Degrassi is a junior production assistant at Trunkman Productions (The Cosmic Shambles Network) and a freelance picture editor. She recently graduated from a Film Production course at Brunel University, London, where she specialised in post-production practices and also focused on cinematography.
Infatuated with the cinematic world from a young age, her interest in filmmaking grew when she shot her first film roll on her grandfather’s camera, a Praktica LLC, and deeply fell in love with the results, which led her to consider a career in one of her now preferred areas of work: cinematography.
During her high school in Italy and university years, she also showed a deep interest and understanding of video editing practices and edited multiple projects. She later applied these skills while working as a freelance videographer on the TEDx Kings Cross event, on a promotional video for Heathrow Airports, and for OKRE (supported by Wellcome).
Always wanting to improve her skills, she achieved the BAFTA Albert accreditation, took online editing courses to expand her colour correction and grading knowledge, and is currently taking ARRI’s Certified Training Camera System. Alice speaks Italian and English.

Trace Taylor BFE, editor (mentor)
Trace Taylor is an award-winning film and TV editor with over 15 years experience. She works across specialist factual and constructed and factual documentaries. Alongside broadcast, Trace edits short form drama and many of these have gone on to win awards, including wins and nominations for editing.
Trace mentors next generation creative talent through the BFI and British Film Editors (BFE), of which she is a Governor, and advocates for industry diversity for the LGBTQIA community. Last year Trace was on the Jury for the RTS Craft Awards and this year (2022) she was on the reviewers’ jury for the Grierson Awards. She is a full BAFTA member.



Nazim Kadri-Zade (mentee)

Nazim Kadri-Zade is a film editor from Ukraine. He has been working as a film editor and post-production supervisor in Kyiv on major Ukrainian productions for the past ten years.
Born in Uzbekistan, in 1993 he returned to Crimea (Ukraine) as a child with his family. Later, after gaining a Master’s degree in IT, he began his career as an editor on broadcast news in 2011, then became director of a morning show for the channel in Simferopol (Ukraine). Nazim’s television experience grew when moved to Kyiv. There, he worked at one of the major Ukrainian channels, which broadcasts high profile series such as The X Factor, Ukraine Got Talent and Psychic Investigators. Here, Nazim gained experience in multi-camera editing.
With a passion for the film and TV industry, Nazim was attracted to the role of editor. He built his career as a freelance editor, editing about 30 TV series, including four-part series and 24-part series projects. Highlights include Love in Chains (airing across Eastern, Central and Western Europe and Latin America); and Early Swallows, a Ukrainian teen drama series which explores issues such as bullying, online harassment, sexual identity and suicide. The televised episodes attract an audience of six million viewers on live-to-air television and millions more viewers online. The teen drama was responsible for a 600% increase in calls to a mental health helpline. BBC News described it as ‘a surprise local hit’. Also, he edited Cossacks, a Ukrainian pseudo-historical comedy action series.
Drawing on his technical and editorial experience, Nazim began to combine film editing with post production supervising in 2017. But war came in Ukraine on 24 February 2022 and he is now in the UK. Nazim would like to continue his passion and experience anew in the UK as a film editor, as he did in peacetime in Ukraine.

Christopher CF Chow BFE, film & TV editor (mentor)
Growing up, Christopher had a staple diet of films and TV, so in hindsight it’s no surprise that he ended up working in this industry, but it wasn’t until one late night in his second year in university that he woke up and had an epiphany to pursue a career in films.
16 years on, Christopher has edited several outstanding feature films, was awarded Best Editing for the psychological horror Charismata at FilmQuest Film Festival, and he has just completed Raging Grace, the first ever British Filipino film, written and directed by BIFA nominee Paris Zarcilla.
Very few editors have ever had the daunting challenge of editing an interactive film and Christopher has somehow edited two. The first was The Complex, written by Lynn Renee Maxcy (The Handmaid’s Tale). On release it became the best selling interactive film of all time. Then there is the newly released The Gallery which has a monster runtime of 5 hours in total. Both were directed by Paul Raschid (White Chamber).
After struggling to get into TV for a long time, last year Christopher finally broke through and edited his first block of Casualty for BBC, which was nominated for a TV BAFTA. Then he went on to edit Sky TV original mini-series Little Darlings, co-written by BAFTA nominee Nathan Bryon (Bloods), directed by Ian Aryeh and it was nominated for a Broadcast Digital Award.
Currently Christopher is editing the newly revamped series of the highly popular BBC show Bad Education, exec produced by Jack Whitehall and directed by Freddy Syborn (Ms. Marvel).
Beyond editing, Christopher is a vocal advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in the industry. He founded BEAM Network which aims to support British East and South East Asians working in UK media. Christopher is based in London, UK. He is a member of BAFTA and British Film Editors, and he is fluent in English and Cantonese and moderate Mandarin. 



Kathryn Robinson, editor (mentee)
Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois USA, Kathy Robinson served for two years in the U.S. Navy. Once honorably discharged from active duty, she played a vital role in conducting research and assembling investigative findings as an Investigative Operations Analyst with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Chicago. After watching the trailer for the sci-movie The Matrix, she was inspired to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in film from Columbia College, Chicago and a Master of Science degree in Computing and Digital Media from DePaul University. After graduating from DePaul in June 2020, with a particular passion and interest in editing, she has had the opportunity to work freelance and full-time as an early career editor, supporting marketing agencies, non-profit agencies, and podcasts. Her goal is to land her dream job editing feature-length films, documentaries, and HETV dramas.

David Arthur, editor (mentor)
Based in Glasgow, Scotland, David Arthur is a BAFTA and RTS award-winning editor working for nearly two decades in drama and documentary. His recent drama credits include US TV drama Outlander, BBC thriller Control Room, Iranian comedy Winners (winner of Audience Award at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival), realist drama Run (premiered at Tribeca), Netflix horror film Malevolent, and Stuart Murdoch’s musical God Help the Girl (Sundance winner). He has also worked on several of Oscar-nominated director David Mackenzie’s films including the historical epic Outlaw King for Netflix. 
David has enjoyed several close collaborations with emerging filmmakers and his documentary work includes editing and writing credits on the multi-award-winning feature documentaries Irene’s Ghost and Where You’re Meant to Be. He also recently cut Ride the Wave, which was selected as one of the Great 8 at Cannes and has had an award-winning international run at over 25 film festivals worldwide. David has been nominated four times for the RTS Professional Excellence: Editing Award, which he won for the BBC documentary Sighthill.


Adriana Sabau, editor (mentee)
Adriana Sabau is an aspiring film and TV editor, based in Brighton, UK, originally from Romania. Since studying Audio and Video Production in Romania at STET polytechnic, she has cut music videos, promos, a video essay, short films and a documentary. Adriana discovered her passion for editing while filming music events for a local TV channel in her hometown of Timisoara and has been hooked ever since. Curious to find fresh perspectives, in 2008, Adriana decided to leave her native country and explore the British creative industry. Adriana made a documentary, Swenglish – A Journey of Self Discovery, in collaboration with the Swedish writer Louise Halvardsson, which was selected for several indie film festivals and nominated for Best Editing at TMC London Film Festival. Upon graduation, Adriana worked on a market research project for ITV, where she learned about VR technology. She now edits commercials, reels and short films for independent producers and directors, with the aspiration to develop her range to include long form documentary and feature films. Adriana speaks fluent English and Romanian and she spends her free-time learning new skills. 

James A Bull BFE, film & TV editor (mentor)
Originally from Worcestershire, UK, James is a London-based film and TV editor. After graduating from the University of Greenwich, UK with a first class degree in 2010, he started his career at the BBC, and worked his way up in staff roles from Junior Editor at Channel 4 Music to Senior Editor at ITV. James now works as a freelance editor and is represented by Indepost.
Recent TV projects included SAS: Who Dares Wins (Minnow Films / Channel 4), Celebrity Hunted (Shine / Channel 4), All that Glitters (TwentyTwenty / BBC2), and The Rap Game (Naked / BBC3). In 2017 James cut feature film Suicide Club, and has worked on several short films. James has been a member of BAFTA Crew for three consecutive years and is also a member of BFE.  


Katrine Amsler, sound designer and music composer (peer-mentee)
Katrine Amsler is a Danish composer, musician, producer, instrument builder and sound-artist based in Copenhagen. Amsler has a Master’s in improvisation and composition from the Music Academy in Malmö, Sweden. As a composer and sound designer she works with various types of audiovisual projects, latest as a sound artist for game-composer Martin Stig Andersen (Limbo, Inside, Tomb Raider) on the two Wolfenstein games The New Colossus and Youngblood by Machine Games, Control by Remedy and Back for Blood by Turtle Rock Studios. She has also worked as a co-writer for film-composer Flemming Nordkrog on the HBO series Kamikaze
In 2021 Amsler won The British ‘Sound of the Year Award’ by The Museum Of Sound and The New BBC Radiophonic Workshop with her V7 sound-library in the category Best Artificial Sound – a sound created or manipulated to sound like something it isn’t. The same library was recently  nominated for A Sound Effect’s Indie Sound Award in the category Best Sound Library. 
Both as a composer and sound designer, Amsler has a deep interest in the texture and structure of sound and for the things that happen when you loosen up the boundaries between sound design and music. Her work is often a result of a process where she sculptures and layers different sound elements, whether it be old organ pipes, cheap-keyboards-running-low-on-batteries, a beautifully squeaking bridge, her home-built string and spring instruments or a hifi recording of a kitchen fan. Her music is diverse, touches a variety of genres and always wants to be listened to.

Payam Hosseinian, sound designer (peer-mentor)
Payam started his career in his teens, as a radio drama repertoire actor in Iran, portraying various characters in radio adaptations of modern and classical plays. He also worked as a foreign-versioning voice actor and narrator for the Iranian National TV, lending his voice to many well-known US and UK actors on the Iranian TV screen. He has voiced Anthony Hopkins, Derek Jacobi, Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Hugo Weaving, amongst many others.
In 2006, he moved to the UK to do an MA in Theatre and Performance. Upon completion he joined the BBC World Service to start a dubbing and versioning department for their newly launched Persian TV. In 2014, in pursuit of a more creative path, he joined the MA in Sound Design course at the National Film and Television School.
Since then, Payam has worked both as staff and freelance sound effects editor and designer working on games, film and prime-time TV dramas, with clients including Sony PlayStation, Pinewood Group, ITV, BBC1, BBC2, BBC World Service, Netflix and Amazon Pictures.
He is a member of AMPS (Association of Motion Picture Sound) and BFI Network BAFTA Crew. His work has been screened in some of the most prestigious international film festivals including Cannes, Locarno, Sundance, and Palm Springs.
Payam is a part of ScreenSkills Leaders of Tomorrow scheme. He is working towards becoming a supervising sound editor and designer on high end TV and feature films, in the years to come.



Arnold Antony, dialogue editor and sound editor (peer-mentee)
An experienced dialogue editor and sound editor, Arnold is a highly driven and disciplined individual with strong knowledge of the magic of sound and its applications.
With a strong passion for movies and music from a young age, he moved from India to Los Angeles to pursue his interests in the art of sound. He graduated in electronics and audio engineering and served as the in-house mix/studio technician, co-supervising sound editor, and dialog editor for Sugar Studios LA, a boutique independent all in one post-production house.
With a vision to create interesting and relatable sonic experiences through films, he welcomes captivating stories to breathe sound into. Speaking English, Malayalam, and Hindi, he was born and brought up in Dubai, and hails from the state of Kerala in India. Arnold Antony worked and lived in LA, USA for 4 years and is now newly relocated to London, UK, continuing his widening of networks for international film and TV. 

Lucy Mitchell, audio post production (peer-mentor)
Lucy has worked in the post production industry for over ten years and has a vast amount of experience and skills spanning many areas of post production for TV, film, animation and computer games. Alongside her post production work, Lucy is a writer for renowned audio industry website Protools Expert, has both chaired and been part of panel discussions at BVE and The Media Production Show, is a guest lecturer and workshop leader at multiple universities and sixth form colleges and has mentored multiple people for The UK Post Sound Collective. She has also recently been on the judging panels for Broadcast Tech, RTS, and BAFTA awards.
She started her career at Envy Post Production as a runner, learned on the job and worked her way up the ladder old-school style, moving through the machine room as an audio assistant, head of machine room, tracklayer, voice over recordist and junior mixer. In 2013 she was named one of the ‘Broadcast Hotshots’ – Broadcast Magazine’s list of the “top 30 under 30” in the film and television industry. She went freelance in 2015 and has spread her wings venturing into different genres for a multitude of clients both in the UK and overseas. She works in all areas of audio post production, but specialises in dialogue editing and ADR supervision. Her credits include The First Lady with Gillian Anderson and Viola Davis, Eastenders, Death in Paradise, Stath Lets Flats, Top Gear, Dodger and Thomas & Friends



Veronika Malakhova, electronic musician and aspiring sound designer (mentee)
Veronika Malakhova is a Ukrainian electronic musician and teacher with nine years of experience. Music became her passion at the age of 15 when she decided to dedicate her life to this artistic culture. In 2003, she started DJ-ing in nightclubs all over Ukraine, then in 2013 decided to become a professional musician and eventually became an artist, performing at international festivals in Europe and Asia. She speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English.
In 2014, Veronika became a part of the team of the first electronic music school in the Russian language in the social media department as a helper. After six years of learning and developing, she became one of its online teachers, running training courses, recording YouTube videos, and conducting private classes. From 2021-2022, she was one of the teachers in the fully equipped O3 studio in India. During this time, she explored her passion for electronic sound design in an amateur capacity, teaching herself through online classes.
Owing to the sad circumstances of Russia-Ukraine, Veronika moved to London UK in 2022 under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, including a work permit, and hopes for the opportunity to develop her skills and contribute to the post-production industry around the world, making her dream come true of becoming an electronic music composer and sound designer for the international film and HETV industry.

Peter Albrechtsen, sound designer (mentor)
Peter Albrechtsen is a Danish sound designer, re-recording mixer and music supervisor based in Copenhagen, working on both feature films and documentaries. He is known for Evil Dead Rise (2023), The Cave (2019) and The Killing of Two Lovers (2020).
Among Peter Albrechtsen’s other recent credits are the Sundance winner The Territory, which is screening now in US and UK cinemas, and the jazz documentary Music for Black Pigeons which is premiering at the Venice Film Festival. Recent fiction credits include the Danish festival favourite As In Heaven, Finnish Cannes selection The Woodcutter Story and sound effects recording for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. In 2017 Peter was invited to become a member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and he is also a member of the US association of sound designers, MPSE, of sound mixers, CAS, and the UK association of sound designers, AMPS.
Along with his work as sound designer and sound re-recording mixer, Peter Albrechtsen has worked as a music supervisor and music editor and has collaborated closely with globally acclaimed musicians such as Antony and the Johnsons, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Efterklang.
Peter has also written about music and movies for different Danish and international magazines and has been lecturing about sound design around the world and moderating seminars and teaching at The Danish Film School.



Daniel Gal, production manager (mentee)
Daniel combines his craft and management experience in his new career direction of production management and head of production. An award-winning director and cinematographer based between areas known as UK and Israel and working without geographic boundaries.
Hailing from the mountains of the unsettled city Jerusalem, Daniel engaged in films early on as a cinematographer. Years later, shriek of wind led him to make his own films. Since he has been involved in motion pictures, arts, activism, human rights and actions even he cannot explain, his main output still remains films. Among his works as a director and DoP are Children’s Story, The Ninth President, To See if I’m Smiling, The Fading Valley, Nine to Five, Yes, Miss Commander! and many more.

Jago Lee, Creative Director, TellTale Industries (mentor)

From the UK, Jago has worked as an award-winning TV producer and EP both in the UK and US. After leading the ideas development process for major production companies including Tiger Aspect, Optomen and Diverse, he co-founded London and New York based Nerd TV in 2010, and is now as comfortable in the north American media ecosystem as he is in the UK and Europe.

Following the acquisition of Nerd by German broadcaster Prosieben in 2016, Jago has acted as Creative Director for Toronto HQ’d Blue Ant, an international channel operator, distributor and production studio, and more recently Sky-owned London production company Blast! Films where he has specialised in the development of crime productions.


Raquel Scott, producer and line producer (mentee)
As a freelance producer, Raquel has been fortunate to create award-winning films that deeply resonate with audiences and highlight perspectives and voices that are often unheard. Originally from the Bay Area, California, Raquel spent twelve years studying photography, film and theatre leading up to her earning an MFA in Motion Picture and TV Production.
Two weeks after graduating, Raquel was living in Los Angeles where she went on to work for Sony Pictures Entertainment on The Young and the Restless, CBS Broadcasting Inc., American Idol, and a plethora of Emmy-award-winning and long-running television series. Raquel has freelanced on over 20 independent productions including short films, advertisements and music videos as a producer, editor or colorist. 
Doorways, a short film she produced, was well received; winning the award for Best Short and Best Musical Short, earning several Best Short Film nominations, screening at the Cannes International Film Festival as well as dozens of festivals throughout the USA, and also airing on cable television. Her latest film Home Soon began its global festival tour in June 2022 and has won Best Actress and Best Emancipatory Film awards thus far. Through her company PowHer House, Raquel uses her films, education and travel to pursue her mission to Unite the African Diaspora. Raquel is a member of Film Independent and Women of Color Unite. 

Deborah London-Harrington, Head of Production (mentor)
London-born Deborah London-Harrington divides her time being Head of Production Management for Dogwoof and Head of Global Distribution & Partnerships at Sounds True.  A senior executive leader in the global multimedia market, Deborah oversees business development and production for a range of high-profile networks, including National Geographic, Discovery and Al Jazeera Networks Worldwide. She has extensive experience in the US, UK, Middle East and Asia Pacific with and various International Indies.
Deborah returned to London in 2017 after five years of living and working in Qatar, where she established the department of Business Affairs and Rights Management for Al Jazeera Media Network. Under her leadership the network was able to monetise content for distribution and licensing in more than 50 markets worldwide. Debbie previously oversaw more than 150 hours of factual programming every year as Senior Vice President and acting President of National Geographic Partners at the global headquarters in Washington DC.



Lena Horn, production manager (mentee) 

Originally from Saarbrücken Germany, Lena is currently based in Cologne working as a production manager in a documentary production company. She started her career in print  but switched, entering the film industry in 2012, working for German film festivals and as part of the production team for short fiction films. Here, she held a range of roles across different departments, such as set runner, internship in press, coordination, set design but was increasingly drawn  to the production department.  She completed a two year traineeship programme in audiovisual production at PAIQ Produzentenallianz Initiative für Qualifikation in 2020, combined with working full-time as a production coordinator. Since then, Lena has overseen a number of documentary films and international co-production documentary series in the role of coordinator and more recently, production manager. Last year, she trained as a green consultant for film and tv at the IHK under the direction of Philipp Gassmann.  

Lena has a BA in Latin American and Ancient American Studies and Geography from Bonn University and speaks German, English, French and Spanish.

Jaime Sepúlveda, executive producer (mentor)
Jaime Sepúlveda Voullieme works as an executive producer of fiction and non-fiction projects in the Chilean open channel, Megamedia. Having studied journalism at the Catholic University of Chile, he worked in different fields and roles in the audiovisual industry for more than 25 years. His initial studies were complemented with various workshops and diplomas on documentary creation, fiction scripts and television production. He has worked as an independent producer for many years, serving as director of documentary series for Chilean channels and for Discovery Channel Latin America. In the last ten years he has worked as a television executive in charge of numerous cultural series. In addition to his experience as a producer, Jaime has a long career as a university professor at various Chilean universities and as a mentor to numerous professional teams, especially in the area of television press.  



LaCreshia Griffin-Pope, casting coordinator and aspiring development executive (mentee)

I’m a proud native of St. Louis, Missouri and first-generation college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production and Advertising/Marketing Communications from Webster University. As an emerging filmmaker and future development executive, I’m passionate about highlighting stories, people and places that are underrepresented in Hollywood and in everyday life. I completed my first two short narrative films last year. I also participated in the inaugural 2020/2021 CBS Leadership Pipeline Film Competition program, part of a team that produced the short narrative film titled Unread for the non-profit group SafeBae, that won 2nd place! I also participated in the Disney Production Assistant Program as an apprentice and I have a background in music, production and development. In 2018, I was accepted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences diversity and internship program, Academy Gold Rising, then went on to work as an intern at BET Networks before being promoted to casting assistant. Currently working as a Casting Coordinator at NBC Universal and producing a short documentary film about a historically Black cemetery in my hometown. To learn more visit

Katie Sinclair, development executive (mentor)

Katie Sinclair is head of development at Riff Raff Entertainment, the development and production company co-founded by Oscar-nominated actor Jude Law and creative partner Ben Jackson. 

She was previously at Blueprint Pictures, where her credits as a development executive include Martin McDonagh’s upcoming Banshees of Inisherin; The Beautiful Game, directed by Thea Sharrock; and Andrew Haigh’s Strangers, which stars Andrew Scott,  Paul Mescal, Claire Foy, and Jamie Bell. Sinclair has worked on Lady Chatterley’s Lover for Sony 3000 and Netflix. She has been heavily involved in sourcing and shepherding Blueprint’s slate of feature film projects. 

Prior to Blueprint, Sinclair worked for Rose Garnett and Eva Yates at BBC Film. She has previously worked in production and development for BBC Studios, Sugar Films, Disney and Lionsgate, as well as producing award-winning short films. 


Jewel Fraser, podcast producer (mentee)
Jewel Fraser is an independent podcast producer and freelance journalist from the Caribbean. As a journalist, she has had stories on Caribbean issues published in major US and UK publications. She recently launched her podcast production company, Triwindjana Audiotales, whose focus will be on bringing compelling audio documentaries about her region to an international audience. Her work over the years has been supported by grants and/or scholarships from the Inter-American Press Association, the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers, and NatGeo’s COVID19 Emergency Fund for Journalists, among others. Jewel also holds the DALF C1, an advanced French language qualification.

Rami Tzabar, Head of Audio, TellTale Industries (mentor)

Rami is an audio story-teller, with over 25 years’ experience as producer, exec and, more recently, an editor for the BBC Audio Science Unit, where he was responsible for developing and managing multiple teams working on award-winning radio strands and hit podcasts. He recently joined TellTale, an audio-first production company, to develop an exciting, more diverse range of audio-led IP for a range of podcast platforms, as well as working with academic, non-profit and corporate partners to help them reach new audiences through sound. Rami is based in Brighton on the UK’s South coast and loves to tell people that he swims in the sea all year round (yeah, right).