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Cross-Border Conversations

Cross-Border Conversations, supported by Genelec, are a series of virtual discussions where a production or post-production expert from one country is in conversation with craft talent from a different country and a different career stage, to share career insights, knowledge and cultural perspectives. Speakers are drawn from our mentoring community.

Cross-Border Conversation: Collaboration between sound and picture for the best audience experience
Supported by Genelec
with speakers Peter Albrechtsen, Roberta Bononi BFE and Shaunak Soni.
Thursday 27 October 2022, 18:00-19:30 BST (UK local time)

How can working cross-department deliver the most coherent and sensuous sonic and visual content, for the best audience experience? Our inspiring conversationalists discuss the importance of collaboration between the sound and picture departments during the editing process. They examine how an early collaboration of the two disciplines in the production process can spark some of the best ideas and enable a strong identity to a film. Our speakers, who are drawn from our mentoring community, will share their inspiring international knowledge, perspectives, advice and wisdom.

Speakers: Peter Albrechtsen (sound designer, Denmark), Roberta Bononi BFE (editor, Italy, now UK) and Shaunak Soni (film production student, India, now UK). Read more about the speakers here

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These virtual events comprise a 60-minute conversation followed by 30 minutes of virtual networking, with the chance to widen your employment networks. 

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