Monday 5 June 2023

Future Studios Producer Hannah Beaugeard discussed a range of ways to tackle difficult subject matters with colleagues and on-screen contributors. She looked at empathetic and inclusive ways to conduct discussions, including the giving and receiving of constructive feedback in working and mentoring relationships.
Hannah, who is also one of the Bullying & Harassment Officers at BECTU, showed how awareness of other perspectives creates a healthier production environment.

Watch the recording of this eventread the transcript and view Hannah’s slides.

Hannah Beaugeard
Hannah is a BAFTA-winning Production & Development executive specializing in short-form content documentaries and Factual Entertainment.
Previously Hannah was commissioner, Head of Acquisitions, and Head of Production for a national charity broadcaster. During this time, Hannah ran a short-form documentary funding initiative; funding, and training underrepresented diverse filmmakers which won the 2022 Television BAFTA’s for Best Short-Form Programme and another has been nominated in the same category in 2023.
Prior to this Hannah has been working in development, creating high-performing global formats for such names as ITV Studios, Potato, BBC, Fremantle, and Hat Trick. She also worked on shows like Mastermind, Tipping Point, and produced the soon-to-air Channel 5 series about Britain’s most dangerous category A prisons. She is currently working as a series producer for an online series at Future Studios.
Hannah is also Co-Bullying & Harassment and Co-Women’s Officer for BECTU (Unscripted TV Union).