ScreenCraft Works is an international community of cross-border mentoring, talks and networking, supporting under-represented production and post talent.

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Cross-Border Coffees
supported by Future Studios

Cross-Border Coffee is an opportunity for one-to-one virtual networking, designed to invigorate work thinking, job satisfaction and career development by exchanging insights and advice from new perspectives, and to assist in breaking down barriers, whether real or perceived. Coffee mates are production and post-production people at the same or different career stages, based in a different country. They can be from the same discipline or cross-department. A virtual meet-up lasts an hour and participants are drawn from the ScreenCraft Works community. 

What will I gain from a Cross-Border Coffee?
Hear different perspectives to enrich local and international career development and engagement.
Learn from the experience of someone who is different from you and from another country.
Exchange international perspectives and working methods to enrich your work.
Build peer-to-peer relationships.
Develop new pride and fulfilment in your role.

Interested? Email us on with your role, country and what you’re seeking from a Cross-Border Coffee, to enable us to make the best match. To participate, you need to be a member of the ScreenCraft Works community – you can join (for free) here

When we have found the right match for you, we will make an e-introduction, ready for you to arrange your (confidential) virtual coffee.
You are welcome to stay in touch with your coffee mate, if you both wish to. 

For any ScreenCraft Works events that you enjoy, please consider donating £5 towards the cost of future events.