Cross-Border Conversation: Creating Animated Stories

18:00-19:30 BST (UK time), Tuesday 3 October 2023 

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How do animators, sound designers, composers and other departments work together for the very best animated storytelling? How does the team build narrative structure, create rounded characters, and enhance emotion?

Our speakers are drawn from the ScreenCraft Works community and are at different stages of their careers, and are:
Mariia Shub (production designer, artist, Ukraine, UK)
Rodion Shub (animation director, producer, Ukraine, Canada)
Tajha Winkle (animator, Jamaica)
Connor Cook (composer, USA)
Munzir Naqvi (writer, director, producer, India).

This virtual event will comprise a 60-minute conversation followed by 30 minutes of virtual networking, with the chance to widen your employment networks. 

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