Tuesday 16 July 2024, 17:00-18:30 UTC
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Making a Success of a Move to a New Country: How do you find yourself a role in a different country’s film & TV industry?
You may have made the move for family reasons or been forced to relocate, or you may be a freelancer taking a job abroad and expanding your international horizons. What are good ways to integrate into your new country’s creative industries? The speakers will share their experience of advance planning, integrating into a new country’s industry, building networks, and understanding a different work culture, job descriptions and processes.

Our speakers are drawn from the ScreenCraft Works community, include first-time speakers, and are at different stages of their careers
(60 minute talk + 30 minutes of networking)

Veronika Malakhova (Ukraine, UK) – musician and sound designer, former mentee
Zoe Sharples (UK, Ireland, Cyprus) – producer
Adriana Sabau (Romania, UK) – assistant editor, former mentee
Bhavika Mantri (India, Canada) – head of development

Thank you to Genelec for supporting this talk.