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Cross-Border Conversation:
Sound design and music composition

Supported by Genelec

Danish composer, musician, producer and instrument builder Katrine Amsler and British Indian composer, songwriter and sound post producer Randy Kalsi in conversation: Katrine and Randy, a ScreenCraft Works mentee, discussed the art and craft of film composition and sound design and how they cross over to greatest effect, and Katrine demonstrated a few of her home-built instruments, including for horror design.  

Watch the recording of the talk or read the transcript.


Katrine Amsler is a Danish composer, musician, producer, instrument builder and sound-artist based in Copenhagen. Amsler has a Masters in improvisation and composition from the Music Academy in Malmo, Sweden. As a composer and sound designer she works with various types of audiovisual projects, most recently as a sound artist for game-composer Martin Stig Anderson (Limbo, Inside, Tomb Raider) on the two Wolfenstein games The New Colossus and Youngblood by Machine Games, Control by Remedy and Back for Blood by Turtle Rock studios. She has also worked as a co-writer for film-composer Flemming Nordkrog on the HBO series Kamikaze.

In 2021 Amsler won the British Sound of the Year Award by The Museum of Sound and the New BBC Radiophonic Workshop with her V7 sound library in the category Best Artificial Sound – a sound created or manipulated to sound like something it isn’t. The same library was recently nominated for A Sound Effect’s Indie Sound Award in the category Best Sound library.

Both as a composer and sound designer Amsler has a deep interest in the texture and structure of sound and the things that happen when you loosen up the boundaries between sound design and music. Her work is often a result of a process where she sculptures and layers different sound elements, whether it be old organic pipes, cheap-keyboards-running-low-on-batteries, a beautifully squeaking bridge, her home-build string and spring instruments or a hifi recording of a kitchen fan. Her music is diverse, touches a variety of genres and always wants to be listened to. 

Randy Kalsi is a British Indian sound post producer and composer living in London, UK, who speaks English, Punjabi, Hindi and Spanish. Randy’s first taste of production was as a pop music producer where he eventually found his niche in successfully creating songs for Sync – licensing his songs to TV and film. Following his own success, Randy created a company called Sync Songwriting, where he helped talented songwriters realise their dreams of having their songs licensed, through songwriting advice, music production and personal coaching. 

In the past two years, Randy has transitioned into sound post-production and composing for TV and film and has an independent studio called Audio Post House in Surrey, UK. Randy and his wife, Katrina Grey, made their first feature film, Daytime Nightmare, a psychological drama thriller currently on Amazon Prime and Sky. He did full sound post-production and original score for this film, including 32 pieces of original music. During the festival run, Randy won five awards for Best Sound and five awards for Best Score at festivals around the globe. This experience led Randy to fall in love with this industry and he is currently working on a feature film, Renegades, produced by Shogun Films. 

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