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Cross-Border Conversation: Creating supportive teams when telling emotionally tough stories

18:00-19:30 GMT (UK time)Tuesday 5 December 2023 
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Telling emotionally tough stories on sensitive topics is difficult and important work. How do you ensure team members across production and post-production are well prepared? What special measures should be taken to ensure that the team is appropriately selected and briefed, with awareness about the potential triggering nature of the subject? How can the team work well with vulnerable documentary contributors and actors? What measures can be put in place to ensure everyone is supported before, during and after the production? 

Our speakers are drawn from the ScreenCraft Works community and are at different stages of their careers, and are:
Stephanie Filo (editor, USA, Spring 2023 mentor)
Sarim Akbar (filmmaker, graphic designer, aspiring writer, Pakistan, Canada, Spring 2023 mentee)
Stephanie Hazle Lyle (writer, director, Jamaica, Spring 2023 mentee)
Paula Nimaro (documentary researcher, Uganda, UK, Spring 2023 mentee)

This virtual event will comprise a 60-minute conversation followed by 30 minutes of virtual networking, with the chance to widen your employment networks. 

Thank you to Genelec for supporting this talk.