Roberta Bononi – TV and film editor (mentor)

I’m an editor from Italy, living in London since 2010. I mostly work in the UK, but sometimes I also work with/in Italy. I started uni wanting to be a journalist, and while there I took a few film courses and had to produce a short film for one of them, fell in love with it all and decided to pursue that instead, wanting to be a director at first (as you know nothing about how films are made when you start). Managed to get into a great one year edit course as I thought, if I learn how to edit I’ll learn how to direct, but the more the course and the year went on the more I knew I wanted to edit and not direct. The rest is history. 

I’m a mentor to Jendayi Omowale. As well as feeling I am giving back, mentoring has helped my own development: when you have to answer your mentee’s questions, you have to actually analyse your work and your career, which is a really useful process and very eye-opening. I’m proud of being a mentor and it has  increased my self confidence and self worth.

I was also part of the panel for a Cross-Border Conversation: Collaboration between Sound and Picture with Peter Albrechtsen and Shaunak Soni. It was very interesting to hear different experiences in different fields and different places. Hearing Peter’s point of view really helped me think about how to collaborate with the sound post department. It’s always super helpful to know how your collaborators work, what are the limits to what they can do, and what you can do to make their life easier so we can all have happier and less stressful work lives.

Since Covid, we now have a very different perception on cross-border work; everyone is much more open to work remotely and collaborate with professionals from all over the world. Every single contact can potentially become real work opportunities.