ScreenCraft Works is an international community of cross-border mentoring, talks and networking, supporting under-represented production and post talent.

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Cross-Border Mentoring Scheme

The ScreenCraft Works Cross-Border Mentoring Scheme provides structured career development with an international outlook, to enrich careers in film, TV and online work.

We match under-represented production and post-production talent with international mentors, to share knowledge and experience, widen employment and peer-to-peer networks and bring new cultural perspectives to the mentoring groups’ local and international productions.

This is a virtual scheme to be as accessible and eco-friendly as possible.
It will run for nine months and is designed to be conducted alongside any work.
The common language is English.

The scheme matches mentees with a volunteer mentor from a different country. Our mentees will be at any career stage, seeking to enter, return to or progress their careers.

Our mentors will have recent relevant industry experience. They will typically be one or two career stages ahead of their mentee or offer different experiences at similar stages.

Under-represented talent includes anyone who feels marginalised or that their voice isn’t heard and their perspective isn’t recognised.

The benefits of mentoring for both parties include:

  • Learning from the ideas and experiences of someone who is different from you and from another country.
  • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Building professional identity and influence.
  • An exchange of international perspectives and working methods to enrich your local and international work.
  • Widening your employment networks for local productions and international co-productions and for remote and flexible work.
  • Building peer-to-peer networks. 
Over the course of the programme, mentees will take part in monthly one-to-one online mentoring sessions delivered by respected international production and post-production professionals, attend online masterclasses given by industry professionals, and be invited to give their own online talk to their mentoring community.

The nine-month programme includes:

  • Introductory live webinar sessions for mentees and mentors
  • 9 x one-hour monthly structured mentee-mentor online sessions
  • Online talks by mentees, with group networking with mentees and mentors
  • Invitations to other masterclasses organised by ScreenCraft Works
  • 1 x half-way check-in live webinar session for mentees, with online networking
  • 1 x half-way check-in live webinar session for mentors, with online networking
  • 1 x live webinar wrap-up session
  • Follow ups with mentees and mentors.

The ScreenCraft Works International Mentoring Scheme is supported by Brunel University London.