Our Values

ScreenCraft Works is a values-led organisation in what we do, how we work, and how we make our decisions.

We aim to create a safe space in which our community, our directors and anyone working or volunteering with us, and everyone we work with, can be their whole and authentic selves.

We strive to create spaces that are safe for all, listening to everyone, including those who experience misogyny, misogynoir, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, and class-based discrimination.

We aim to work in a way which respects the environment and strives to be as sustainable as possible.

We aim to create trust through the way we work and make decisions. To achieve this, we:

● Work with feelings and needs
● See, listen, reflect and learn
● Feedback with care
● Receive feedback openly
● Value lived experience and difference
● Share and collaborate
● Share successes, challenges, mistakes, and learnings
● Question, but don’t judge
● Aim to be active bystanders

We understand conflict is normal and take a restorative approach to resolution through dialogue and aim to mitigate by encouraging the giving and receiving of feedback.

Through the above we aim to lead by what feels right in relationship to others, in line with these shared values.

We hold ourselves accountable through this statement and welcome feedback on how we can do better.

We aim for a community where everyone is valued and feels safe, acting and behaving in line with our Code of Conduct.

How we choose participants in our programmes

We see ourselves as constructive enablers of our community members rather than gatekeepers.

We trust people to self-identify as under-represented in the many areas of under-representation in the film & TV industry (including gender, sexuality, disability, age, country). We take an intersectional approach to under-representation.

We aim to match as many people as we can on our mentoring scheme, while also ensuring they are suitable for the scheme and that we can find a suitable match for them. We also limit the size of each cohort to ensure we can properly support the participants and that the cohort can form an effective group.

We aim to encourage as many people as possible from our community to participate in our talks programmes as speaker or attendee, but respect that some people do not want to do so. We invite community members to suggest topics of interest.

We continue to listen to and learn from our community and our advisors. We will continue to refine our offering, our language and our approach.

August 2023

With thanks to Reclaim the Frame whose work on their values has inspired this Values Statement.